Trust, but verify.. 

July 1969 - Buzz Aldrin climbs down the Eagle’s ladder to the Moon surface.

Beyond Boundaries: Golem Protection, the only company in the world to test protection teams

 In a league of its own, Golem Protection stands as the only company globally to test Close protection teams and protection companies uniquely tailored to the client's explicit requests.

Golem's distinctive approach goes beyond the ordinary, subjecting security teams to real attacks and setting the gold standard for assessing strengths and weaknesses. This unparalleled testing methodology ensures that clients receive the most comprehensive evaluation of their security teams, fostering an environment of "Trust but verify". 

As a testament to Golem's unwavering commitment to excellence, December 2023 marked a milestone – surpassing the bar of 100 tests conducted. In this rigorous testing regimen, Golem demonstrated exceptional prowess, succeeding in 97 tests. 

This remarkable achievement indicates that only three (3) companies worldwide were able to effectively protect their clients under Golem's rigorous assessment. 

Close Protection Team Testing 

- Security Audit

Trust, but verify..  When you invest in your physical protection and security, you rightfully expect the best in return. 

At Golem Protection, we understand the stakes involved – the safety of yourself, your family, and your possessions or clients. 


But in the realm of security, 

  • Are you willing to bet your life and the lives of your loved ones on mere conjecture? 
  • Can you rely solely on trust or the word of friends?
  • Is your security team genuinely prepared to handle real-world threats? 
  • Are they tested under authentic conditions? 
  • Have you ever put them to the test?
  • Can you confidently vouch for your security arrangements? 
  • What if? 

This rhetorical reminder prompts reflection – in a market where every provider claims to be the best, how do you navigate the choice? 


Golem Protection will assess your current security team with the highest ethical and professional standards to identify their strengths and weaknesses through a singular way to test them:  A real Attack..

If we failed, It's Free of Charge..


Adding to the uniqueness of Golem's testing services is the groundbreaking commercial approach:

> If, by an extremely rare chance, Golem Protection fails to breach your security during testing, the service, while invaluable, is provided free of charge...

We are not just confident; we're determined to demonstrate that your security might not be as impervious as you believe!

Should we fail in penetrating your security, not only will our protection evaluation and testing cost you nothing, but our comprehensive report could be the key to saving both your life and your resources!

For a deeper understanding of your security and a glimpse into our distinctive approach, contact us for a free consultation. Trust in Golem's proven capabilities to ensure your safety in an ever-evolving security landscape.

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