Section 1 - Protection

Executive Protection Close Protection

Our professional, discreet and highly-skilled Close Protection Team will ensure you and your assets protection.
Our excellence at your service to protect you.

UHNWI protection - Vip Protection 

Protecting you, your lifestyle and your privacy is our mission. 
Golem Protection provide tailor-made solutions scalable worldwide. Service based in Excellence. 

Kids/Teenagers - Chaperone

Family protection

Nothing is more important than our Children.

You can rely on our expertise and experience - Protection & Paramedic - to giving you peace of mind to know your kids safe.  

Superyachts security 

Operating daily in an industry devoted to delivering the highest level of luxury, we provide innovative and tailor-made high quality physical security solutions on-board Superyachts in all the seas and oceans around the world.

Section 2 - Testings

Close Protection Teams Testing

Trust but verify.. by commissioning our unique Protection Testing in the world. 

Our special team of experts is designed to challenge and point out any weaknesses in your existing Protection Teams !

Risk Assessment

Analyzing and understanding your current security needs and value the Risks you face.

Our expert team will design the optimal customized solutions and assist you with the implementation process.

Penetration Testing / Physical Intrusion  

Commissioning our Physical Penetration Tests / physical intrusion testing, to uncover your weaknesses before criminals or competitors or those intent to exploit them.

You already have the best security level ? Well, lets test it ... 

Section 3 - Intelligent Physical Security

Residential Physical Security 

The most advanced autonomous protection system to make your property a safe heaven..

Safe Rooms

"Lets build a safe haven". At Golem Protection, we integrate your project into a new or pre-existing building. Our team will work with you to design and fully customize a solution to meet your unique needs.

Industrial Physical Security 

Security is crucial to any office (Gov/NGo), facility or bigger industrial complex. 
At Golem we offer products that are uniquely tailored for the challenging and potentially dangerous environments with the highest requirements.

Section 4 - Golem Academy

Golem Academy - Training solutions .

Golem deliver through its specialized subsidiary "GOLEM Academy" a complete training solutions for Security companies, Law Enforcement agencies / Police professionals and for GOV Armed Forces / Military professionals; worldwide.

Section 5 - Special Projects

Special Projects - Assistance Curacao - Caribbean Service Golem Protection

Special Projects

If you require crisis management after natural disasters, assistance in kidnap-for-ransom situations, emergency extraction in a time of political crisis, or a medical evacuation after a serious incident, our special-projects team can answer your call.

Security Transportation

Global transport face considerable threats. If you want to transport high Values (Diamonds - Jewelry - Data - Documents ...), protect your business, staff, hire our transport security Team that will mitigate threats and look after your mobile assets anywhere, anytime.

Section 6 - OSINT- Due Diligence

OSINT - Due Diligence

Let us inform You. Knowledge is a source known Capital... 

Our due diligence and investigative service will provide you  the information needed to make wise decisions regarding investments, mergers and acquisitions, legal mandates, potential business partners, partnerships for commercial,  Know Your Customer and Background check.