About Us Golem Protection Global Risk Management and Protection Company

About Us

Golem Protection is a Global Risk Management and Protection Company HQ based in Caribbean, focused to provide you the highest quality Protection services. 

Offering tailor-made solutions scalable worldwide, we commit ourselves to provide world-class services to our customers, based on the pillars of Excellence, Privacy, Trust and Reliability, 24/7/365. 

Total opposite from the “cliché” of the Brainless - Steroids - White shirt and black sunglasses - low/no skills - bodyguard/bouncer/security (…)  Golem Protection is composed of an international team to offer the highest operators skills on the market ever. 


We guarantee our clients the best level of service, always delivered by subject matter experts from exceptional backgrounds.

Women and Men, Low & High Profiles, Medics, Kids proof, Veterans Special Police officers, Veterans Special Forces, highly trained professionals, brilliants and intelligence driven. 

Golem Protection is a singular protection company.

To quote the now-famous motto: "We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen." We provide Exclusive Services for Exclusive Customers, by delivering Excellence to protect and ensure our Clients journey all around the world.  No matter what..