Trust, but verify.. 

VIP Protection Testing 

- Security Audit.

Trust, but verify.. When you invest in your physical protection & security you expect the best in return.  

We are sure you took the necessary steps to protect yourself, your family, and your possession or your client.

BUT.... is it enough? Are You or your Client REALLY secured?  

Do You know if your security or protection team are really performing under real conditions? No.


Golem Protection will assess your current security team with the highest ethical and professional standards to identify their strengths and weaknesses through a singular way to test them:  A real Attack. .

If we failed, It's Free of Charge..


In fact, we are confident that we will be able to penetrate through your security and prove to you that you are not as safe as you thought you are!

Our protection evaluation and testing will cost you nothing if we fail, but our comprehensive report can save your life and your money!

To be clear, we are willing to cover all costs in case your security is impenetrable. Free of charge.

To keep your edge and stay safe, contact us for a free consultation.