Executive Protection Services


Protecting your business is our mission. 


Any threat to high executive profile expose, not only himself to great risk but may also expose any company he is affiliated with or his Family.  

Taking into account the professional - personal imperatives, comfort level of our client and after a clear understanding of the risks, threats and vulnerabilities facing the principal, Golem Protection provide a tailor-made solutions scalable worldwide with a perfect blend of physical and technical security expertise complemented by robust intelligence capability.


We commit ourselves to provide world-class services to our customers, based on the pillars of Excellence, Privacy, Trust and Reliability, always delivered by the best experts Men & Women from exceptional backgrounds.


To serve unobtrusively, GOLEM Protection also have the ability to appear integrated into your organization under different functions as personal assistants, managers, office collaborators, advisors …


It’s important to notice that, in all organisations an effective executive protection service will always costs less than the benefits it produces or the loss and consequences it prevents. 


Exclusive Services for Exclusive Clients.

Beyond Conventional Limits: Our Specialized Approach

At Golem Protection, our commitment to safeguarding lives extends beyond traditional boundaries. Our Comprehensive Protection Services redefine security, offering a tailored suite of solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients. 

Whether it's Top Executives, Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals, VIPs, or families, we go beyond standard practices, providing a fusion of physical and technical expertise, intelligence capabilities, and specialized professionals. 

Our commitment to excellence propels us to explore innovative approaches, including undercover operations and maintaining low visibility of our operators when necessary. 

This ensures the safety, comfort, and privacy of our clients worldwide. Elevate your security experience with Golem Protection — where limits are transcended, and protection knows no bounds.

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