Making a career at Golem

At Golem Protection, we like to do things our way.. 

We listen to each other and our Customers. We look at everything with an open, positive, outside the box thinking mindset. We take unexplored paths, turn the impossible into possible and like to surprise people. Check out what we stand for (Here).

We have a culture and reputation for Excellence. Our staff is composed of Men and Women with exceptional backgrounds. Are you one of those? 

People often tend to overstate their resumes. Here your curriculum doesn't really count, you'll have to "Prove what you claim". In order to select only the bests, we believe in the importance of a strong recruitment process in steps & tests. 

When you start working at Golem you'll start off with a one-week general onboarding where you learn everything about us, our story, your colleagues, our workflow,... afterwards, you will get an in-depht training on the job. 

As soon as you start working, we expect you to be hands-on, with an entrepreneurial mentality. Learning by doing, leading by example, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit" -Aristotle, that is our motto. To support that, you'll get every year a liberal training budget to spend as you choose.

The foundation of any successful company? Its People. We work hard every day to realise our ambitions and turn ideas into actions. You will be part of a team that loves to work together, think out of the box, help each other, share insights and achieve success. Join us..

Golem Protection - 

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Spontaneous Application

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Freelance - Commercial

Project "Galleon" - Additional Males CPO

Project "Galleon" - Additional Females CPO

Full time - Chief Legal Officer - CLO

Full time - Chief Commercial Officer - CCO

Golem Innovation - USA.

Mechanical Design Engineer

Mechanical Engineer