OSINT - Due Diligence - Investigations.

"Knowledge is a source known Capital".

Real "OSINT - Due diligence - Investigations", are matters of a handful of worldwide high-level Specialists.

To meet this extreme expertise level, we integrated partners located in the Caribbean as strategic alliance of Golem Protection.

Golem Protection is now in capacity to respond, compete and offers a broad spectrum of extreme high-level "OSINT" services across the globe.

What are our Services?

Our due diligence and investigative service will provide you  the information needed to make wise decisions regarding investments, mergers and acquisitions, legal mandates, potential business partners, partnerships for commercial,  Know Your Customer and Background check.

With our Corporate Solutions we offer Premium Services and focus on Exclusive and Customized Services. Our service portfolio from SME´s and large corporations :

• Background Checks on Companies & Individuals.
• Board Member Protection “Open Source (Risk) Intelligence”.
• Business Intelligence.
• Business Partner Compliance Checks.
• Competitive Intelligence.
• Intelligence (OBS) Crisis Management and Crisis Response.
• Electronic Counter Measures (ECM).
• M&A Investigative Due Diligence.
• Pre-Employment Screening and Candidate Background Checks.

• Event Threat Assessments and Risk Management.

• Fraud Investigation. Activity Checks, Insurance Fraud, Workers Compensation. 

• Locate Missing Person, parent, friend, debtor, business partner. 

• Security Awareness and Security Training.
• Security Surveys and Audits.
• Travel Security Management and Expat Security.

All our investigative services are conducted at the highest ethical standards with the clients needs in mind at all times. 

Integrity is our watchword. If Integrity & Ethics are as important to you as they are to us, we are ready to help you..

What is OSINT - What are our capabilites ?

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques are the collection of intelligence from public sources, used globally by intelligence and law enforcement agencies in many worldwide successful investigations.

We apply our expertise’s, knowledge and the language skills of its network of highly trained investigation and intelligence specialists to track, collect and synthesize all digital footprints related to the topics or persons or entities under investigation.  


We are able to retrieve background intelligence and business intelligence anywhere in the world subject to jurisdictional rules and data availability, from media, web based communities, public data (e.g. trade registers, sanctions lists) and professional and academic literature. 

OSINT / Investigation Request:


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