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CPO Males

A - Need:

Due to a surge requirement in the East Caribbean (Leeward & Windward Islands) between 31th January and 15th March we are seeking for:

- 6 additional Males Close Protection Officers.

At Golem, we have a culture and reputation for Excellence. Our staff is composed of Men and Women with exceptional backgrounds. Are you one of those?

B - Requirement:

The "ideal" applicant would have an ex Sf military (Frogman is best) or police background with exceptional medical and teamwork skills.
This role requires cultural and geopolitical awareness and exceptional communication skills to work with external agencies and client representatives.

Applicants with russian notions are especially welcomed.
Applicants with experience On-board Megayachts are especially welcomed.
Applicants should have a valid CP Licence but not preclusive for very experienced applicants.

This mission being "Armed" the applicants should have a valid shooting certification and solid experience.
This mission being in an "aquatic environment" the applicants should have a valid C-card diving certification.
This mission being with very active Customers the applicants should have an exceptional physical condition.

C - Terms and conditions:

Period: 31th January to 15th March - Possibility of contract extension. 
Daily shift: 10 hrs max  
Remuneration is 350$ per day.
Full life support, flight transportation, hotel / On-board accommodation are part of the package .
Drug(S) Test(s) during the contract.

D - Application:

Project Reference: "GALLEON".
POC: Kate.


1 - Full updated curriculum ,
1.a - Soft skills.
1.b - Spoken languages.
1.c - Social media accounts.

2 - A headshot Photo.
3 - A task specific Covering letter.
4 - Letter of recommendation - References.

5 - Proof of CP Licence.
6 - Proof of Medical certification and Medical Training.
7 - Proof of Shooting Licence.
8 - Proof of C-card diving certification.
9 - Proof of CQB experience & training.(optional).
10 - Proof of CQC Combat experience & training.(optional).

E - Important:

Please note this is not an entry task role & having attended a simple CP or Weapon course, doesn’t qualify for this employment.

We make a point of getting in contact with all applicants who have a complete file. However, those who will apply without having any of the required points in chapter "D - Application" will NOT receive any communication from Golem.  

Are you sure your file is complete?