Apeiron Technologies Inc. - Golem Innovation

- Mechanical Design Engineer -

We at Apeiron Technologies Inc.& Golem Innovation are creating the future with new generation Helmets.

We are looking for a motivated and experienced Mechanical Design Engineer to join our team and work on the design of a new Helmet product.


A. Mechanical Design Engineer job description:

As a Mechanical Design Engineer, you will be responsible for the overall mechanical design of our Helmet products including:

- Designing, developing, testing, patenting complex mechanical systems, 

- The development of new Helmet concepts 

- The refinement of existing designs & products In order to ensure the successful industrialization of the Helmets.

You will exercise your creativity and determination every day as you develop prototypes, place them through rigorous testing and release them for manufacturing when they meet or exceed our specifications for product quality and safety. 

B. Your duties and responsibilities:

- Attend weekly team meetings to provide progress reports, obtain updates on colleagues’ progress, strategize on steps for the following week and acquire information about projected emerging product lines.

- Align overall R & D, design & build of products’ specifications and processes internally with the Engineering Team and Mechanical Design Engineers.
- Align project budget, timeline, product specifications and requirements with the clients and managers.
- Analyze and interpret the latest information and trends on manufacturing protocols and technologies.
- Assess and point out potential mechanical and technical risks to the Engineering team.

- Conduct feasibility studies and product testing’s to analyse and measure system and product performance capabilities.

- Craft out and develop thorough product designs abiding by the design and performance specifications as well as safety guidelines.
- Calculate cost estimates for final product designs, and release reports to supervisors, incorporating costs of labor, material, delivery and overhead.

- Collaborating with external parties such as clients, suppliers & contractors, etc. to ensure that project timelines are adhered to.

- Collaborate with the project team and board members to determine and review project scope, budget, and project requirements.

- Design products and develop 3D models and 2D drawings of mechanical components and assemblies using Computer-aided Design CAD (AutoCAD, Solidworks, Catia) and consult with engineering and manufacturing teammates to ensure that designs are feasible.

- Develop, experiment, build and assess prototypes of designed products for modifications or improvements. Run tests to measure their level of function.

- Design mechanical system components with an understanding of building systems and equipment, building codes, and safety standards.

- Ensuring that the design archives are stored systematically in accordance with the department protocols and guidelines.

- Participate in design reviews of mechanical systems and prototypes.

- Perform design and production trials.

- Perform equipment and/or system calculations (Distortions, shock absorption, scaling).

- Perform project analysis and prepare engineering calculations, drawings and specifications.

- Provide technical support during design, construction, and start-up phases of projects.

- Research competitor products quarterly and collaborate with the product development team to generate ideas for making our products the best ones on the market.

- Record and evaluate testing data, altering designs as necessary to bring them to safety, performance and efficiency standards.

- Review and improvise production processes to make the production work flow more efficient.

- Review and approve documentation for quality and safety.

- Study plans for the upcoming generation of Helmets models, and develop strategies for improving upon current models.

C. Requirements, Skills, Qualifications:

- Preferred coursework and experience in Helmet designs or military products,

- Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering,
- Minimum of 5 to 10 years of experience in mechanical engineering position,

- Experience with mechanical design and control systems,
- Experience with manufacturing process development,

- Experience in mechanical systems integration,

- Experience with CAD tools and Microsoft Office,

- Investigative mind inclined toward developing practical solutions to real-world problems,

- Proven experience in a mechanical engineering role,

- Strong communication skills,
- Strong problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities,

D. Application Processes:

At  Apeiron Technologies Inc.& Golem Innovation, we believe that diversity and inclusion are key to building a strong team. 

We are committed to equal opportunity and encourage applications from people of all origins, ages, as well as Veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Project Reference: "Golem Innovation".
POC: Kate.

Interested candidates can apply directly via email to [email protected] with:

1 - Full updated curriculum, including: 
1.a - Soft skills.
1.b - A headshot Photo.
3 - A task specific Covering letter.
4 - Letter of recommendation - References.
5 - Proof of Experience.
6 - Certificates.

Shortlisted applicants will be selected for Online interview. 

We make a point of getting in contact with all applicants who have a complete file. However, those who will apply without having any of the required points in chapter "D - Application" will NOT receive any communication from Golem.  

Are you sure your file is complete?  If you are interested in pursuing this outstanding opportunity, contact us today.