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- Spontaneous Application -

At Golem Protection, we like to do things our way.. 

We have a culture and reputation for Excellence. Our staff is composed of Men and Women with exceptional backgrounds. Are you one of those? 

People often tend to overstate their resumes. Here your curriculum doesn't really count, you'll have to "Prove what you claim". In order to select only the bests, we believe in the importance of a strong recruitment process in steps with interviews & tests. 

We make a point of getting in contact with all applicants who have a complete file. However, those who will apply without having any of the required points below will NOT receive any communication from Golem. 

Mandatory elements for complete applications:
 1 - Motivation // task specific Covering letter (Minimum 850 words),

1.a - The position & Section (here) you are looking for.
1 .b - Why did you decide to apply for this job.
1.c - Why Golem.

2 - Full updated curriculum ,

2.a - Soft skills.
2.b - Spoken languages.
2.c - Social media accounts.
2.d - Expected Remuneration per day in $ / shift.
2.e - Availability.

3 - A headshot Photo.

4 - Letter of recommendation - References.

5 - Proof of CP Licence. (If applicable). 
6 - Proof of Driving Licence & experience. (Professional Chauffeur). 

7 - Proof of Medical certification and Medical Training. (If applicable). 

8 - Proof of Shooting Licence. (If applicable). 

9 - Proof of deployment. (If applicable). 

10 - Proof of CQB experience & training. (If applicable).

11 - Proof of CQC Combat experience & training. (If applicable). 

12 - Proof of Martial Arts training. (If applicable). 

Are you sure your file is complete?

Those who will apply without having any of the required points above, will NOT receive any communication from Golem.

Thank You.